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Agapornis Roseicollis Opaline Mutations

aka: Roseheaded



Green Opalines ( bred by Lisa (White) Viteri) her website  is so far the best website containing Opaline images and information on the web.

Images from Pongtanawanaron

Green Dark Opaline

Green Orangeface Opaline Babies

Green Orangeface American Dilute Opaline (Silver Opaline)

Green American Dilute Opaline (Silver Opaline)

Green Orangeface Dark (Olive) Opaline

Green Opaline Pied (Great baby from Angelina's Nest Aviaries )

Green Opaline Lutino

Photo from André van der Voorn (member of BVA)

Photo from Dirk van den Abeele (member of BVA)

Photo from P. Pongtanawanaron

Opaline-ino from Angelinasnest Aviary


Photo used by permission of Sylvia Glover/Syleste Aviary

Green Orangeface Opaline Lutino

Dutch Blue Opaline

Whiteface Opaline

Whitefaced Opaline Pallid

Photo by: Mystery Pickles Parrots

(great photo from Angelina's Nest Aviaries )

Whiteface Creamino Opaline

Opaline Bunch (Curioso que hay 2 tipos de Opalino Verde, se puede notar por el rojo en la cola).

  ( great babies photo from Angelina's Nest Aviaries )